A Blaze Of Glory



Single ignition units are effectively a 'display in a box'. Each firework performs for up to three minutes, from just one fuse! Great finale items or exciting centre-pieces for any display.

odyssey single ignition barrage



An excellent 81 shot barrage containing an impressive range of effects including red star, blue star to white strobe, brocade crown with green strobe, blue, red and green palms, silver palm to crackling followed by crackling flower time rain. Longer duration approximately 110 seconds.

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energize single ignition barrage


An amazing 126 shot display in a box. Ejects a great variety of impressive effects including multicolour mines to red, green, white and blue comets, whistling tails to red and green stars, colour spinners and red bouquets with crackling tails to green bouquets, climaxing with a finale of crackling to purple bouquets. Duration approximately 2 minutes. Stunning!

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reign of glory single ignition barrage


This sky filling barrage ejects a sequence of transforming gold willows. Changing from gold willow with red tips to gold willow with green tips - then gold willow with blue tips - ending with a breathtaking finale of crackling tails to crackling gold willows. 70 shots. 1 minute duration.

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chain reaction single ignition barrage


With 170 shots and mixed effects and firing angles this 'display in a box' offers fantastic colours tails to blue star silver fish, white strobe, red and green stars, lemon blue stars, silver tail whistling, red tail red palm crackling; red tail red strobe blue star; green tail purple star green strobe; golden tail to golden willow crackling; blue tail to blue star silver fish; silver tail crackling for an impressive 2 minute duration.

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tidal wave single ignition barrage


A wide angled spread of stunning effects. 100 shots fired in a ‘mexican wave’ pattern. Red tails to purple and green stars; glittering green to blue; yellow tail to yellow stars; Glitter to gold willow; whistles to blue and fish; red wave, green wave and blue crackling; Colour mines to colour stars; whistles to crackles. Approximate duration 45 seconds.

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trojan spirit single ignition barrage


A new style 100 shot ‘compound’ cake, ejecting big silver, blue and green blink mines bursting into breaks of red, green, purple and titanium gold palms. Silver blink stars then phase into glitter mines with wave willow bursts, red and blue stars to mine breaks with red stars and crackling, leading to a titanium silver chrysanthemum finale. Duration 75 seconds.

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three-minute spectacular single ignition barrage


Ideal for weddings, celebrations, or New Years Eve. This superb 256 shot single ignition barrage offers large bore shots of gold tails to green peony, gold tails to colour peony, crackling dragon eggs, gold tail to blink peony, gold tail to red peony finishing with salutes and thunder. Excellent value. Approximate duration 3 minutes.

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