A Blaze Of Glory



These 'single ignition' barrages will add an extra dimension to your display. Specially chosen for the quality of their colours, dazzling effects, and all-round performance.

tornado twister offer free offer single ignition barrages


BUY TORNADO get TWISTER FREE! Great effects and duration from this large calibre 36 shot barrage containing whistling tails to massive red palm with white glitter bouquets to green palm with white glitter bouquets and a finale flurry of 12 shots. Approx 50 seconds duration.

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Stunning big bore effects opening with thick silver, green and red comet tails before breaks of silver, green and red wave to blue stars and golden flying fish with a finale of whistling tails to reports with silver glitter and crackling. Approx 50 seconds duration.

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skyfall single ignition barrage



100 shots of brilliant brocade mines to rising brocade crown tails with double brocade crown and gold willow breaks. Stunning performance and excellent value. One minute approximate duration.

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quantum rising single ignition barrage


An excellent 100 shot barrage with stunning gold blink mine rising to gold blink with blue stars, gold blink with green stars, gold blink with red blink, gold blink and gold willow, gold blink with silver blink. Faster firing for greater impact - approximate duration 45 seconds.

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phoenix rising single ignition barrage


100 shots of crackling corkscrew tails, twisting into the night sky and transforming into large multi-coloured star bursts. Concludes with a stunning rapid-fire finale. Great value and high impact. Approximate duration 45 seconds.

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wolf pack single ignition barrage


100 shot combination cake that fires changing coloured mines, with a large multi-coloured crackling burst above, giving a double 'two level' effect in every shot. Great pace with a quickened finale for extra impact. Approximate duration 50 seconds

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paranormal single ignition barrage


A new addition to our range this eerie volley firing barrage starts with whistling tails, transforming to golden flying fish and cascading green leaves. 64 shots of sky magic.

Duration approximately 45 seconds.

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vortex volley single ignition barrage



A 'sequenced' 64 shot barrage that fires large bore shots of dragon tails to crackling flowers; red palm trees with white glitter; crackling dragons eggs - finishing with a volley of 8 huge green pams with white glitter and whistles. Exotic and unusual. Duration 40 seconds.

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minotaur single ignition barrage


A sensational 49 shot ‘two-tier’ barrage with multi-height effects. Starting with blood red stars and crackle willow, to crackle and red strobes, Gold palms and blue dahlia mines with overlaid willows, red and crackling mines with brocade and purple, concluding with red palms and chrysanthemum mines to colour willow breaks. Approximate duration 45 seconds.

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pinnacle single ignition barrage


100 shots of big red, green, silver blink star mines with massive bursts; sea blue mine with silver blink, lemon pearls with red blink, gold palms and blue stars and titanium silver chrysanthemums. Well-paced, impressive effects, for around 70 seconds.

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sparticus single ignition barrage


This stunning barrage fires both vertical and angled effects – featuring wave willow with blue pistils; angled volleys of red and silver blinkers; brocade and red; Pink and blue peonies; golden palms with crackle – leading to a breathtaking finale of Strobing pink glitter. 1 minute duration.

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prism single ignition barrage


NEW This stunning mixed effect and angle barrage offers 120 shots of blue tail to blue star red fish; blue tail to blue star green fish; blue tail to blue star colour fish; red wave tail to red wave chrys; green wave tail to green wave chrys; red tail to white strobe; blue tail to brocade crown; golden tail to golden willow red green strobe; red tail to brocade crown chrysanthemum. Lasting approximately 55 seconds.

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